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Electric forklift 1,8 ton BYD ECB18
Upgrade your forklift truck fleet with a sustainable, efficient and safe model such as the BYD ECB18 electric machine
1,8 Ton
Loading capacity
Li-iron-phosphate 80V
Triplex mast, 6500 mm
Lifting height
Battery Charge time
VAHNominal kWHBYD 80V/100ABYD 80V/100A

Meet the IFOY winning three-wheel electric forklift, the BYD ECB18 machine. A 1.8 Ton maximum load model that features BYD differentiating technology in its lithium iron phosphate battery. This forklift truck is optimized to achieve good operator handling and effective stability during use.

Technical description of the BYD ECB18 Comfort model

The BYD ECB18 1.8 Ton Comfort three-wheel forklift truck has the same characteristics as the Standard model, in addition to:

  • Multi-function armrest with fingertip control
  • Seat with full Grammer MSG 65 suspension
  • Mast with full free double lifting cylinders
  • Flash lamp
  • Anti-marking wheels
  • Full steel cabin with PVC doors and heating equipment
  • Front, back and top enclosure
  • Hydraulic conduits for 4th function


Other features of the BYD ECB18 three wheel electric forklift truck

  • Curve speed adjustment to improve stability and reduce risk of overturning
  • Brake assist when it detects that the operator is releasing the brake on a ramp or slope
  • Limitation of the front tilt angle to reduce the risk of load drop
  • When the load exceeds 10% of the set weight, the engine stops working for safety’s sake
  • Multifunction TFT display with scrolling speed, remaining battery capacity, clock with working hours and accumulated hours, and three speed modes

BYD ECB18 model battery charger combinations

The BYD lithium iron phosphate battery technology allows you to charge it 100% in just over 1 hour for direct use without waiting for it to cool down, as is the case with conventional batteries.

BYD electric forklift trucks have several chargers according to the needs of each user.