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Electric pallet truck range 2,0 tonnás PTP20P
2,0 Ton
Loading capacity
Li-iron-phosphate 24V
Lifting height
Battery Charge time
VAHNominal kWH24V30A (onboard charger)24V100A
242706.48 - 2.7h

Meet the 2 Ton BYD PTP20S electric pallet jack This BYD pallet jack model uses lithium iron phosphate BYD technology in its battery that makes it safer and more efficient.

Features of the BYD PTP20S pallet jack

Electric power steering to enable greater maneuverability for the operator and reduce fatigue.

Shock-absorbent, non-slip platform offers operators a stable and comfortable position. Pallet jack offers operators an ergonomic and adaptable design. Automatic shutdown when handle is released or placed in a vertical / horizontal position. Optimal location of the emergency stop button to make it safer.