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Technical Assistance and Spare Parts Service

A team specialized in technical assistance and original spare parts
A structure is more solid the deeper its foundations are!
The VECAR assistance service represents the foundation of our organization.

Assistance services

Standard services

on-call assistance service.

to guarantee the mandatory checks
required by the regulations.

scheduled maintenance in addition to
the BASIC.

scheduled maintenance including
cleaning and consumables more than

Exclusive service

mandatory checks – scheduled
maintenance – ordinary and
extraordinary maintenance – spare
parts and consumables – can all be
included in a SINGLE MONTHLY FEE.
Since this service is a subscription, it
becomes entirely deductible for tax

Courtesy trolley service

That the trolley is your property, that
it is a rental trolley if it requires
hospitalization at our premises to be
repaired. workshops – we provide a
courtesy trolley compatible with our
stocks. warehouse.

Spare parts service

Benefiting from a quality spare parts service is of fundamental importance for your business, as you will be able to extend the operational life of your intralogistics machinery and ensure that your business is always productive.

In this sense, Vecar offers its Customers a spare parts service capable of providing quality products certified by the manufacturer and capable of guaranteeing high performance for forklifts or other machinery.

Efficiency, ease of use, safety and advanced technologies are just some of the features that Vecar loves to provide to the customer with its spare parts service. Which translates into a type of service that is quick but also technically and qualitatively high.

Furthermore, it is by using original spare parts that we are able not only to provide the best type of consultancy but also to guarantee that the repair can be efficient and tailor-made, depending on the needs and requests of the Customer. An original spare part is in fact of fundamental importance in all those cases in which goods handling machinery is subjected to heavy use, as it allows avoiding continuous maintenance interventions without compromising the performance of the machinery.